The Power of Mind

The Power of Mind is very powerful and is very easy for you to attach your goals just using the power of your mind. What people do to attract success, create Wealth and have happiness so easily ???
The Power of Mind is the best way to attach what you want in live without going crazy or get tired during the process of learn. I love that..I love to be able to have what I want, it is so easy. When I first start using the power of mind to organize my life, I couldn’t believe it. I got a better job, I was so much more productive , I was eating healthy and my life was starting to get on track. Then, I got lost, I didn’t know how I couldn’t do better. I wanted more, but the methods I was using were not longer working.
I decide to go search more about the power of mind. Then I found this beautiful ‘How-to’ program Power of Mind. Of course I can’t tell you that I learned everything and now I am a perfect person. But I can tell you that it helps me a lot, every single day in my life. I read the same thing every day and I can tell you tha I love this program and I will show you a little bit about it on my blog, how it helped me and still helping every day. Feel free to use all the information I have here to get your life back on track!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mind Secrets exposed 2.0 - Review

I want to talk about a product that I know very well and that helped me a lot and still helping every single day in my life! I love it and it is very easy to use and understand the process of using the power of mind to change your life.

I was an angry person all the time. I hated my job, I hated my place, I hated my friends and I hated everything I could see. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I had to change my life and fast. Then the day that changed my life came! I went to work very upset and tired of everything in my life that I started to cry like a baby. I couldn’t stop crying at my desk. A friend came to me and asked me what was going on and I couldn’t explain, I was just unhappy and I did not have a reasonable motivation to be like I was.

My friend told me I was depressed and I had to go to a doctor. But didn’t have the money to do it. Then He told me that I could learn about the Law of attraction and it would be enough for me to change my life.

The first thing I did when I got home was to surf on the internet to find out what was about the law of attraction. After five hours of research I learned a lot about it and started to use it at that moment. It took me some days to see the change in my life but it was great!

I had just a little problem. I couldn’t use all my information in an organized way and I was getting lost with all that information. I didn’t stop searching and finally I found the perfect and easy way to organize my knowledge and learn much more in a little space of time.

The best part is that this program shows you everything you need to know and most importantly, it shows you how you use it in an easy step-by-step program.

The Mind Exposed 2.0 program  is just perfect for you who need to organize your life and your mind.

It is a program for people who needs the step-by-step method to start out. It is the perfect way to change your life.

Look what you can find in this program:

- It describes all the secrets to use your brain  in the right way to achieve your goals.
- How to use your mind to be happy.
- How powerful your thoughts are.
-10 minutes exercise to achieve your goals.
- Much, much more!

You can buy your program accessing the site Mind Exposed 2.0. Believe me, you will never regret this purchase. You will change your life forever and you barely notice. The process is very easy. You just have to do what the program says and you will never be the same person!

You can take a look at it accessing: Power of Mind!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to use the word NO to be successful in life

It may sound strange, but it works perfectly, I love the work ‘NO’ and it has helped me for about 3 years now. Let me explain you about it shortly. First let me tell you this: Read the whole article before start saying NO to everything and everybody.

Do you remember when your mother used to say NO for you when you wanted to touch the fire? Or when you wanted to ride your bike inside your house and she said NO again?Of course those were perfect moments to say the word NO. And I am pretty sure there are other situations that the word NO fits perfectly.
When we talk about success in life, working hard on our personal goals or achieving any goals you we have in life, we have to say ‘NO’ to many things and we have to know when and to what we have to use it.

Situations I use the word no:

- Every time you are working on your personal project or goal don’t let anybody bother you. Go to a quiet place or to a cafe where nobody can find you. Turn off your cell phone and block all your favorite websites that make you lose focus. (all the browser have an extension to block sites).

-Write down all the tasks you have to finish during the current day and don’t let any gap between them, if you need a break, write down what time you will take it and for how long it will be, so you won’t lose focus. Every time you think about do something that is no in your list and isn’t the right time to do it, look up your list and see if you are doing the right task, if no, forget about anything and go back to your task till you finish it. Those things are driving you toward your goals, never forget it!!

- Weekends are the worst time ever. Everybody wants to go have some fun. For you, it is the perfect time to work on your projects, specially if you work full time during the week. I know that the worse part is to say ‘NO’ to your friends and family, always there are parties, barbecues, movies, trips and much more fun things to do. Again, you have to understand that you won’t do that forever, it is just while you make your dream come true.

- No, no,no. No when you want to procrastinate, no when somebody call you to go out and you have to work on your project, no when you want to give up and a big NO when somebody say tha you have to give up because you are just wasting you time for nothing!

However, don’t stop living. What I am saying isn’t for you to become a slave of your dream. What I am saying is for you to say NO while you are working on your projects. Give attention to your family in the right time, go out with your friends in the right time or you will get stressed and them you can lose focus and motivation to go forward.

Run toward your goals!!! Be happy!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to be successful in life

I know you have read a lot of articles like this one. But, did you already achieve success in life? If you did, why are you wasting your time reading this article? Well, I think both of us know why. You are not a successful person yet. However you are in the right way to achieve your success. I will show you way you have to avoid while working toward your goals.

Stay away from: 

Procrastination: Man, you have to be far far far away from it!! You can’t let the  laziness take care of your dream. Never let important thing stay in tomorrow schedule. You are smarter than that. Believe me. Do whatever you have to do today to accomplish your goals. Your goal can be overwhelming but you can do it. You just have to break it down and the you will get little tasks you can do one per day. You can get a piece of paper and one pen and write down what is your goal and carry it with you wherever you go. Every time you think that all the hard work don’t worth, get the piece of paper and read what you wrote. I think you will never procrastinate again.

Lack of people who starts a new project every monday and give up on it before wednesday. You are not this type of person. So, never lose your enthusiasm. Look foward, see yourself achieving your big dream enthusiasm: What?? is right! You can be very excited right now because your dream is very alive in your mind. But after work hours and more hours on your project and see no immediate results, you may get a little tired of this and stop working hard as before. It is ok for most of people. For MEDIOCRE and how it will be good for you. I am pretty sure your enthusiasm will be back soon! And it will be more powerful.

Defined goal: I think it is the more important step you will take toward your goals. How can you arrive somewhere if you don’t know where you wanna go? I think it is a little impossible, even though I don’t believe in the ‘impossible’. Anyways, let see, you have to grab a piece of paper, but in this time you will make a list. This list have to have 10 lines, 1 to 10. You will write the goals you want to achieve. For example: I want to lose weight, so I will right 10 ‘whys’ I want to lose weight. I want to be healthy, I want to find a nice boyfriend, I want to run a marathon..and so on. Then you grab another piece of paper and write down all the steps you will have to take get there. For example: Workout 3 times per week, go run for 30 min everyday, eat 6 times per day, stop drinking soda. After you stop drinking soda for 1 month, you can pass a line on it, like this you will be more excited to keep the job!!

Remember this list would be for 1 goal (Dream), you can do this of all the goals you have. This was my best method when I first start working on my projects, it kept me on track all the time because I know what I have to do and I know WHY I am doing because I have a list that shows me all the benefits I will achieve.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Use the Power of Mind to achieve your goals

Everybody knows that the law for attraction is a old ‘stuff’, and it has been used for more than a million years. And I tell you more, every single person in the world use it, all the time. You use it too, but you don’t notice it.
Every time we think, we make plans, we wish something, every time we share some dream, we are using the law of attraction. People who have success in life use it, some of them know it, some of them use it without know about it.
What I am trying to explain you is, the law of attraction is with you and you can get off it. You live with it all your life and the law of attraction can help you to achieve your success or it can help destroy your life. It is up to use it for good or bad.
What you have to do is learn how it works so you will be able to use it in your favor and you will achieve everything you want in life.

All right, let’s begin. The first thing you have to do, is think about your dream, what you would like to happen (don’t wish the bad to other people it can be bad for you),and then write down what you really want. Then bring with you this piece of paper wherever you go and always look at it. Every time you read it, think how it will be good when happens. Feel the wind, visualize the people around you and what you will feel when it happens.
NEVER think about what you don’t want. The universe don’t understand it. You will get what you don’t want too if you think and visualize it. All be optimistic. Let your imagination work for you.
I am gonna give you a example. Let’s say you really want a better and bigger house in a nice neighborhood. Then, what you can do is, after you wake up go to the window and visualize as if you were already in the new neighborhood. Look the nice houses and the bine cars around your house. Then, while driving to work, visualize the nice streets you will pass by. In the weekend, go see the house you want, get your car and drive around the neighborhood. And imagine you already live there.

It is a good exercise to start using the Law of the attraction. If you never use it consciously, now is the time to start and change your life. It is simple but is really powerful. Don’t let the best chance of your life pass. You can change your life, you just have yo REALLY want it!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

How to attract money into your life

Today it is hard to attract money into our life. The world is going south and everything what we got is to complain about it. I decide to do different and I will show you how to. The power of mind is very powerful and if you don´t know that, you will see.
We are big power attractions, everything that we think, everything what we say is what we are. If I just complain and always say that my life is bad, that I have no money to pay my bills, it is just what I will get. Even though I work hardest, even though I am studying more, I will never be able to pay my bills easy or get good grades.
We have to attract it into our life and everything what we have to do is just think differently, react differently in hard situations.

When you should do this exercise:

  • When you want to attract more money into your life.
  • When you want to better feelings about your money, so you will be able to attract it more.
  • When you want to attract more rapidly some desire you have.
  • When you miss money in your life.


  • Put a $100 bill in your pocket or wallet, keep it there as long as you can and every time you touch it, remember that you have that bill in there. Feel the security this bill brings to you.
  • During the day, think about everything you can buy using this bill, if you pass a restaurant, think that if you wanted, you would eat a beautiful meal. You can do it when pass a store too. Whatever you want.
  • Spend this money mentally around 20 times per day. Everything you think you can spend this money doing whatever you want, you attract good feelings about money. You just have to think! You will spend the total of 2 to 3 THOUSAND DOLLARS per day!!

It is just 3 steps sooo easy that, if you do it everyday, you will attract so much money into your life you won’t believe. When you spend the money mentally with different things, the power of Mind will work on it and many good things will start to happen to you.

  • The money you spend will last longer.
  • Unexpected amounts of money will show up.
  • You will get a raise at work.
  • You will get discounts on sales.
  • and much more.

To learn more about the mind secrets, access The Power of Mind.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our mind has a big power

I know everybody already heard about the Attraction Law and I did too. It is the most powerful thing I already learned in my life. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Couple years ago I was struggling to pay my bills, I had nothing in the bank, I had nobody in my life, everything I did was complain about everything, I use to say, ‘why my life is so bad?, why I have to work this much time to many money just to pay my bills?, why I can’t lose weight?’, why I can’t keep a relationship for more than 3 months?. I wanted responses but I was not will to let the come to me.

Well, I got enough, I went to find people who was like me and now they were better, they had success, they have big houses in a nice neighborhood and I thought: If they can do, why I don’t?
This was how I found THE POWER OF MIND!! It was awesome, I learned so much in just couple months and I could believe how this was changing my file so fast.
I trained myself for about 6 months and as much I read, more I was able to change my file and get what I wanted. In the first try I got:

  • A better job - My income was 3x higher.
  • I lost 25 pounds just eating healthier.
  • I was more happy and enjoying more my friends.
  • I went back to school.
  • I was not complaining anymore.Can you believe how the power of mind is awesome.

How I told you before I was always complaining about everything, so to stop doing it, I did this exercise and still doing today:  After wake up and before do anything, I get my notebook and write what I want for my day, as if I had already achieved. For example:

  •           I found the right way to finish that hard task.
  •           I got a nice companion while I was on the train going to work.
  •           I ate a healthy lunch.
  •           I worked out very hard.
  •           I had a great dinner with my love.
  •           I read 50 pages of that book.

And so on, I know it sounds a very simple and everybody can do it. It is what the power of mind is...VERY simple. Try it for 2 weeks and you will see how powerful it is. Good luck and work hard everyday to be better than yesterday!!!