The Power of Mind

The Power of Mind is very powerful and is very easy for you to attach your goals just using the power of your mind. What people do to attract success, create Wealth and have happiness so easily ???
The Power of Mind is the best way to attach what you want in live without going crazy or get tired during the process of learn. I love that..I love to be able to have what I want, it is so easy. When I first start using the power of mind to organize my life, I couldn’t believe it. I got a better job, I was so much more productive , I was eating healthy and my life was starting to get on track. Then, I got lost, I didn’t know how I couldn’t do better. I wanted more, but the methods I was using were not longer working.
I decide to go search more about the power of mind. Then I found this beautiful ‘How-to’ program Power of Mind. Of course I can’t tell you that I learned everything and now I am a perfect person. But I can tell you that it helps me a lot, every single day in my life. I read the same thing every day and I can tell you tha I love this program and I will show you a little bit about it on my blog, how it helped me and still helping every day. Feel free to use all the information I have here to get your life back on track!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our mind has a big power

I know everybody already heard about the Attraction Law and I did too. It is the most powerful thing I already learned in my life. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Couple years ago I was struggling to pay my bills, I had nothing in the bank, I had nobody in my life, everything I did was complain about everything, I use to say, ‘why my life is so bad?, why I have to work this much time to many money just to pay my bills?, why I can’t lose weight?’, why I can’t keep a relationship for more than 3 months?. I wanted responses but I was not will to let the come to me.

Well, I got enough, I went to find people who was like me and now they were better, they had success, they have big houses in a nice neighborhood and I thought: If they can do, why I don’t?
This was how I found THE POWER OF MIND!! It was awesome, I learned so much in just couple months and I could believe how this was changing my file so fast.
I trained myself for about 6 months and as much I read, more I was able to change my file and get what I wanted. In the first try I got:

  • A better job - My income was 3x higher.
  • I lost 25 pounds just eating healthier.
  • I was more happy and enjoying more my friends.
  • I went back to school.
  • I was not complaining anymore.Can you believe how the power of mind is awesome.

How I told you before I was always complaining about everything, so to stop doing it, I did this exercise and still doing today:  After wake up and before do anything, I get my notebook and write what I want for my day, as if I had already achieved. For example:

  •           I found the right way to finish that hard task.
  •           I got a nice companion while I was on the train going to work.
  •           I ate a healthy lunch.
  •           I worked out very hard.
  •           I had a great dinner with my love.
  •           I read 50 pages of that book.

And so on, I know it sounds a very simple and everybody can do it. It is what the power of mind is...VERY simple. Try it for 2 weeks and you will see how powerful it is. Good luck and work hard everyday to be better than yesterday!!!

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